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STORY consulting

Tell Your Story.  Create Your Campaign.  Make an Impact.



I work with businesses from start-ups to decades-old institutions to help them craft their messaging.  


Speech Writing


Brand Positioning


Strategic Storytelling Campaigns


Public Speaking

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For Corporations:

Together, we can use storytelling to enhance the brand, to connect with internal and external stakeholders, and to improve products and services.

In my work with corporations, I guide teams through a creative process from branding sessions to product development.  Examples may include: video and/or printed storytelling, gut-checking ad campaigns and PR efforts, supporting change management, and more.


For Groups:

I offer webinars and seminars to support comfort with public speaking, structuring a speech or story, and ways to think on your feet to prepare for and adjust to different situations.

I offer guided themed groups to put together a story series, including live and/or taped shows.


For Executives:

I offer one-on-one coaching for executives and public-facing professionals.  Together, we will develop stories, practice your storytelling, and reach a comfort level with public speaking for you.  This includes brainstorming sessions, speechwriting, speech review, and feedback sessions. 


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